Sunday, 28 October 2018

How Much You Should Exercise for a Healthy Brain?

Everyone knows the importance of exercise in their life. With a decent diet and regular exercise, one can keep his body fit and far from health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems, chronic disease, sleeping disorder etc. While the maximum of the gym-goers gives importance to exercise mainly to have an attractive physique, there is an added benefit of exercising, which is on our mental health.

Keeping yourself physically fresh helps in better mental health by slowing the normal declines in our brain’s functionality that comes as we age. And like it is usually recommended to do a minimum of 2 to 3 hours of moderate-to-intense activity in a week to keep our heart healthy, similarly, there is a certain amount of exercise advised for keeping your brain sharp.
According to a research published in the Journal Neurology, a research team led by Joyce Gomes-Osman, assistant professor in physical therapy and neurology, found out as to how much one should exercise to prevent his brain healthy and sound. The team examined around 100 studies which connected exercise with over 122 different tests of brain function. Based on the data which comprised of over 11000 older people, they discovered that people who exercised about 52 hours in a time of 6 months have a significant improvement in different thinking and speed test. In the test, people exercise for about an hour thrice a week which included the people without cognitive decline and also those who have a mild cognitive impairment.

 “I don’t think 52 hours is actually a magic number. “There really is a range. But I do think that these results signify to us that in order to get the known benefits of work-out for the brain, to help areas involved in thinking and problem resolving — to get that machinery going, you need longer exposure [to Work-Out]. Those are all mechanistic methods that take time to develop,” said Gomes-Osman

In the research, what mainly shocked the researchers was the strong association between exercise and brain function considering the overall time people spent being physically active. Although, they didn’t notice a correlation between improvement in thinking and the strength or duration of the time people exercised.

Gomes-Osman told “I had a mindset [moving within the study] that the weekly times spent Work-Out was surely something that was helpful since we know that is necessary for the guidelines for physical health by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Heart Association. Although I was surprised to see that it wasn’t.”

The research can be pretty helpful in knowing that the overall and cumulative effect of physical activity is what is important for better brain health. This means that exercise affects the brain in several ways, from maintaining brain’s nerve system which starts to diminish with age, to promoting neuron’s functions and better blood circulation to brain cells and boosting the cells included in performing a higher level of thinking tasks.

This concludes that exercising is necessary for not only a fit body but also for a fitter mind. So, make sure to do a recommended amount of exercise daily to make the most of your life with a healthy body and mind.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Health Benefits of Ice Cream

Everyone loves to eat ice creams. But being conscious about the weight, many of them avoid having this delicious sweet. The composition of ice cream containing energy, protein, and saturated fat are always blamed as the culprit of obesity. Ice cream is not just a sweet cold tasty snack we enjoy on a hot summery day or when we are having a mysterious breakdown. 

Ice Cream

The nutrients in ice cream are helpful to the health. The nutrient in it helps keep our bones and muscles strong and strong. Ice cream is not the cause of a cough and cold. Because, when it entered the mouth, ice cream will melt immediately. Ice cream melting rapidly expedited by the influence of body temperature, so that when the ice cream into the esophageal temperature was not as cold as ice water. 

Calcium in ice cream preserves the teeth and builds strong gums. So, now think again before you stop your child from having a scoop of ice cream. An ice cream made with low-fat components such as skimmed milk has more health benefits. Those of you who eat ice cream regularly are actually improving your skin stay healthy and young looking and feeling because of all the vitamin A in it. Chocolate ice creams are also helpful for the body. If you are a heart patient, have chocolate ice cream. They are rich in flavonoids that decrease artery inflammation.

How to handle heart attack when alone?

Each and every year 1.5 million people hurt from the heart attack and due to this 500,000 people die. This survey takes in America and Heart attack is one of the leading problems of death among peoples in America. If 500,000 peoples in America has died then what will be the situation for other counties?. In this report, I have given the tips on how to survive a heart attack when alone. First, you have to know the signs of Heart Attack.

Main symptoms of the heart attack
  1. Shortness of breath.
  2. Tightness or fullness in the chest and intense pain radiating out from the chest is the main symptom.
These are the definite warning symptoms of the heart attack but the large percentage of heart attacks are not accompanied by these symptoms. They become any one of the following signs or in combination with other symptoms.
  1. Pressure and pain in the chest
  2. Rapid heartbeat
  3. Lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting
  4. Profuse sweating
  5. The sudden feeling of illness
How to Handle Heart Attack When Alone

Many people suffer from a heart attack when they are alone. At that time there is no one to help them and lost their conscious within 10 seconds. The below tips can help you to handle the situation.
Coughing repeatedly: A breath and a cough must be repeated about every two seconds until help arrives or until the heart beating normally again.
Breathe deeply: A deep breath helps to get oxygen into the lungs and cough helps in blood circulation. Try to keep relaxing. After getting the normal condition, immediately go to the hospital or call an ambulance.

Simple Herbal Treatments for Toothache.

  1. Many of us experience a sudden toothache. It is very important to understand how to reduce it in a safe and natural way. There are many natural herbal remedies are available. Mustard, Black pepper and garlic act as natural painkillers. Here I have given some tips to treat a toothache in natural ways.
  2. To get relief from a toothache, apply ice cubes from the outside.
  3. Clove oil is one of the most effective herbal remedies for a toothache. Mix clove oil with a pinch of black pepper powder and place it to the influenced tooth area.
  4. Mustard oil is another natural option for a toothache. Mix mustard oil with a pinch of salt and rubbed into affected gum area.
  5. Take some drops of lemon juice and apply it to the affected teeth. It can alleviate a toothache.
  6. In case of a sudden toothache and gum inflammation, it is recommended to use slight tea tree oil infusion as a mouthwash.
  7. Dip a piece of bayberry bark in vinegar for some time; it can be another great herbal remedy for a toothache.
  8. Placing a slice of fresh onion on the affected gum or tooth area, it is one of the natural ways to effectively alleviate a toothache.
  9. If you are affected by a sudden toothache then strictly avoid all too hot and too cold and sweet foods. This will irritate your aching tooth.
  10. Try to avoid low-quality foods and be careful about your diet. Instead of junk foods eat more vegetables and fruits.

Symptoms and tips to control Diabetes.

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a body has high blood sugar, either the pancreas does not generate sufficient insulin or the cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. Diabetes will produce the classical symptoms of polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger). If untreated, it can cause many complications.

Symptoms of Diabetes(sugar):-
  1. Loss of weight
  2. polyuria (frequent urination),
  3. polydipsia (increased thirst)
  4. polyphagia (increased hunger).
  5. Diabetic dermadromes (number of skin rashes)

These signs may develop rapidly in type 1 diabetes (sugar) and it leads to type 2 diabetes. High blood glucose can cause glucose absorption in the lens of the eye and leads to differences in its shape which result from vision changes.

Causes of Diabetes(sugar):-
  1. Drugs
  2. Infections
  3. Genetic defects of β-cell function
  4. Genetic defects in insulin processing or insulin action
  5. Exocrine pancreatic defects
  6. Endocrinopathies

Tips to control Diabetes (sugar):-

If you have diabetes (sugar) then you should know the ways to control diabetes to prevent from serious health difficulties. Here some steps are given and help you to keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy range.
  1. Check your sugar level in blood daily.
  2. Take your insulin or pills in a settled time.
  3. Don’t skip to visit your doctor for a particular time period.
  4. Try to follow your diet plan suitably
  5. Don’t forget to do your normal workouts

Tips for Healthy Eyes.

 Let’s see how you can keep healthy eyes.

  1. If working for long periods in front of the system then try to take breaks every 20 minutes to half an hour.
  2. Stop smoking. Smokers are up to 3 times more possible to develop cataracts than non-smokers.
  3. Carrots are good for the eyes. But eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is important for keeping your eyes healthy.
  4. Make sure you sit about 50-60 cm away from your PC screen and that there is no light reflecting off the monitor.
  5. If you have something in your eye then don't rub it. Lens wearers must take them out and scrub them thoroughly.
  6. Wear protective eyewear when playing sports or doing anything around your home.
  7. Protect your eyes from the sun. Over-exposure to rays can cause a number of problems.
  8. Never use old make-ups. Replace your makeup regularly and don’t use mascara or eyeliner that’s more than six months old.
  9. It is very important to have a regular eye test. If you notice any changes in your vision, pain in or around your eyes or if you keep getting headaches also consult your doctor.