Saturday, 13 October 2018

Health Benefits of Ice Cream

Everyone loves to eat ice creams. But being conscious about the weight, many of them avoid having this delicious sweet. The composition of ice cream containing energy, protein, and saturated fat are always blamed as the culprit of obesity. Ice cream is not just a sweet cold tasty snack we enjoy on a hot summery day or when we are having a mysterious breakdown. 

Ice Cream

The nutrients in ice cream are helpful to the health. The nutrient in it helps keep our bones and muscles strong and strong. Ice cream is not the cause of a cough and cold. Because, when it entered the mouth, ice cream will melt immediately. Ice cream melting rapidly expedited by the influence of body temperature, so that when the ice cream into the esophageal temperature was not as cold as ice water. 

Calcium in ice cream preserves the teeth and builds strong gums. So, now think again before you stop your child from having a scoop of ice cream. An ice cream made with low-fat components such as skimmed milk has more health benefits. Those of you who eat ice cream regularly are actually improving your skin stay healthy and young looking and feeling because of all the vitamin A in it. Chocolate ice creams are also helpful for the body. If you are a heart patient, have chocolate ice cream. They are rich in flavonoids that decrease artery inflammation.


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